South Shields weather forecast: Increasingly windy in build up to yellow weather warning

We’re set for a blustery start to the week as the Met Office warns the North East is in for another wind warning.

It's going to be a wet and windy start to the week according to forecasters.
It's going to be a wet and windy start to the week according to forecasters.

Its experts have said we are due to face the third yellow weather warning in the space of a week, with gales of up to 70mph expected to hit tomorrow, Tuesday, January 14.

Ahead of that, what can we expect from the start of the new week?

How will the day begin?

A graphic issued by the Met Office to show what areas are covered by Tuesday's yellow wind warning.

After a night which started dry and clear and became cloudy with the odd shower, it turned breezier, cold and a frost will have developed in some places, after the temperature dropped to 0C during the hours of darkness.

As Monday, January 13, gets underway, the forecast suggests it will be dry and bright during the morning, with some sunshine around midmorning, before it clouds over.

The morning temperature will hover around 4C.

How will the day progress as we edge nearer to the weather warning?

The Met Office says the winds will become strong and gusty ahead of a downpour, with gales likely for a time.

A band of heavy rain will move towards us during the late afternoon.

The warmest it will be is around 7C, but it could be as cold as 3C.

What about later on, what can we expect?

It will cloud over at around 4pm, as the sun sets, with the rain expected from around 5pm until around 8pm.

What do we know about the weather warning so far?

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning from noon until midnight on Tuesday.

It says we can expect winds of up to 70mph, with a chance it will disrupt transport networks and problems for high-sided vehicles.

How does the forecast further ahead this week look?

Sunshine and blustery showers are possible on Wednesday and more wet weather is then expected later on Thursday.

Although very unsettled conditions will continue to the end of the working week, the weather will probably settle down somewhat towards next weekend.