South Shields weather forecast: More high winds and rain are on their way

South Shields is braced for more stormy weather this weekend.
More high winds are on their wayMore high winds are on their way
More high winds are on their way

What will the weather be like in South Shields in the morning?

The morning of Friday, February 21, will start off overcast, with heavy cloud cover gradually easing towards lunchtime, but it will be windy, with gusts of more than 40mph

What about the afternoon?

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The cloud cover will ease after lunch and there should be some sunshine in the afternoon, but the high winds will continue.

What will the weather be like through the evening and night in South Shields?

Early evening will see the cloud cover persist and the winds strengthen, gusting up to 50mph. Heavy rain is expected around midnight, easing into the early hours.

What will the weather be like on Saturday?

Saturday is then set to see more rain through the morning and early afternoon, with the winds peaking around 3pm and then slowly easing overnight.

What is the long-term forecast for the North East?

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The Met Office UK outlook for Sunday, February 23, to Thursday, March 5, says: “Sometimes cloudy on Sunday with occasional showers, wintry on hills, frosty overnight. Rain, strong winds on Monday, preceded by hill snow.

“Unsettled and often windy conditions are expected to continue with areas of rain moving east across the UK interspersed with brighter, showery interludes. Rain is likely to be heaviest across western and northwestern areas, with the best of any more prolonged drier interludes in the south and east.

“Hail and thunder are possible, with snow at times over northern hills.”