South Shields weather forecast: When we can expect to see the sun shine as the week comes to an end

We’re likely to have a soggy start to the day, but the Met Office expects the North East to enjoy some sunshine today.
The North East can expect some showers followed by sunshine today.The North East can expect some showers followed by sunshine today.
The North East can expect some showers followed by sunshine today.

Its forecasters have said Friday, March 13, have said the mixed weather will follow on from a windy and cloudy evening, with some blustery showers turning to longer spells of rain and even some snow over the hills of our region.

But they say the wind will have eased off as the sunlight returns, even if there are some icy patches early on and temperatures as cold as -2C.

Here’s what we can expect as the day goes on.

How wet will it be in early during Friday?

Sunrise is expected around 6.30am.

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From light rain in the north at around 7am to heavier downpours in the south of the region up until 10am, it’s going to be a damp start to the day.

The temperature during the first few hours of light will be around 4C to 5C, so there’ll be a chill in the air.

But it will get better as the day goes on?

The Met Office things we’ll start to see the sky clear of rain from around mid-morning, when it will still be cloudy and overcast, with the chance of rain dropping down to 10%.

It will only get a little bit warmer than early on, sticking at around 6C.

When will we see that sun?

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It will start to get bright from around noon and then become much clearer, with a couple of hours of sunshine expected until 5pm – although it will still be a bit cloudy in the north of the region.

Even though the sun will be out, it’s not expected to get much warmer during this period.

What can we expect as night falls?

Sunset is expected at around 6pm, with the winds expected to fall.

The maximum temperature will be around 7C and the skies will be cloudy.

How does it look over the weekend?

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The outlook for Saturday to Monday sets out it will be unsettled over the weekend with some sunny spells, but also periods of rain and strong winds.

Then into Monday, it will be fine but cold first thing with a widespread severe frost.