UK set to bask in Indian summer this weekend - but will it reach South Tyneside?

South Tyneside looks set for a sizzling weekend – and we’ve got the latest forecast report from the Met Office.

Thursday, 12th September 2019, 4:03 pm

The tail end of tropical storm Gabrielle is forecast to bring warm weather across the UK this weekend, with the mercury set to climb as high as 25C in the south.

And while the North East may not quite hit those heights, it could see temperatures reach the low to mid 20s – assuming worse weather moving in from the north takes its time.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Burkill said the weather was likely to be fine for most of the North East this weekend, but the south of the region was most likely to see Sunday living up to its name.

South Tyneside is set for an Indian summer this weekend

Friday and Saturday were likely to be fine, with temperatures around or even slightly up on the seasonal average.

“There will be high pressure dominating the weather across the bulk of the UK,” he said.

“We should see temperatures do relatively well for the time of year. We could have up to to 17C or 18C on Friday and maybe add a degree onto that on Saturday.”

Sunday was likely to be hotter still, but an encroaching weather front meant it was by no means sure.

Alex Burkill. Picture: Met Office

Alex continued: “Sunday is a little bit less certain.

“We are going to see a front bringing some cooler and perhaps somewhat wetter and windier weather from the north.

“How far that moves southwards is concerning.”

“For northern parts of the region, there is a chance of it going a little bit downhill on Sunday, getting colder with wind and some rain.

“In the south, you have a greater chance of seeing the finer weather. With that, you could see a high of 22C, which is quite a bit above average.

“For September, 16C-17C is the norm, so that is five or six degrees above the average.”

If the cold front moved slowly enough, it was possible northern areas could still see the sun, said Alex.

He added: “It could take quite a while. It may be that even the northern parts of the region have a fine day on Sunday.”