What are the most popular baby name trends for 2018?

Parents are turning to virtuous baby names such as Faith and Hope to boost their moods during turbulent and uncertain times, a study has found.
Do you fancy any of these names?Do you fancy any of these names?
Do you fancy any of these names?

The trend was started by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West who named their son Saint following his birth in 2015, sparking a revival in the traditional charity-style names as young parents copy with their own tots.

Dubbed "modern virtue names", monikers rising in popularity include Felicity, meaning good fortune and happiness, and Verity which stands for truth and honesty.

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Boy's name Frank is also popular as more than a quarter (26%) of expectant parents say they are considering a "modern virtue" name for their baby.

Baby name experts say choosing one of these names is a way for millennial mums and dads to signal their disapproval at the tough economic and political conditions and push for more positive times ahead.

The annual Baby Name Predictions report from parenting site ChannelMum.com - which first identified the rise of the name Corbyn - doesn't list the top 100 most popular names but instead identifies hottest rising trends that will be among the most popular names in three to five years.

Siobhan Freegard, founder of ChannelMum, said: "Choosing a modern virtue name is the ultimate in virtue signalling, showing you believe children really are the future.

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"Many of the modern virtue names are absolutely beautiful and picking a positive name will hopefully carry your child through life with confidence and charm."

Top eight name trends for 2018

1. Space names, e.g. Luna, Stella, Nova, Orion - 51%

2. Gender Crossover names, e.g. Teddy, Robin and Noel for girls, Carol and Aubrey for boys - 37%

3. "Bad" boys & girls name e.g. Harley, Quinn, Ronnie, Reggie, Kato - 31%

4. Bird names, e.g. Wren, Phoenix, Paloma, Birdie - 28%

5. Virtuous names, e.g. Saint, Hope, Faith - 26%

6. Botanical Names taking over from flower names, e.g. Ferne, Bay, Basil, Sage 24%

7. Names meaning wealthy or money, e.g. Ottilie, Elodie, Rafferty, Cash - 12%

8. Shakespearean names, e.g. Hero, Balthazar, Ophelia, Juno - 11%