What you had to say on Asda's 24-hour petrol station proposal

Readers have expressed their delight at the news that Asda in South Shields town centre is hoping to build a 24-hour petrol station.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 6:22 pm
Updated Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 6:26 pm
Asda in Coronation Street, South Shields, hopes to add a petrol station to its store.
Asda in Coronation Street, South Shields, hopes to add a petrol station to its store.

The supermarket in Coronation Street, has applied to South Tyneside Council for permission to build a four-pump, eight position filling station in its car park.

Under the proposals 31 parking spaces would be lost to make way for the petrol station, which would be open 24-hours a day to customers using pay-at-the-pump systems, while a kiosk would also accept cash and cards during the same opening hours as the store.

Each pump will have extendable hoses, allowing customers to use any pump regardless of the position of their petrol cap and reducing the likelihood of queues.

Many readers have welcomed the news, but some have said that the town centre is in need of new shops rather than a petrol station.

Here is what you had to say:

Gemma Long said: “Great idea!”

Kerry Bartlett added: “Fantastic news!”

Geoff Stansfield commented: “In fairness there are not many petrol stations around Shields.”

Karen Gibson wrote: “About time! There’s no supermarket competition to keep prices down.”

Gemma Robson said: “Good idea if it has kiosks to pay rather than at the pump.”

Kath Morrison added: “Good to have competition.”

Helen Mitchell wrote: “Finally!”

Jack White commented: “Great idea! Nice cheap fuel!”

Michelle Holt said: “I have never felt happier than right now.”

Victoria Topham wrote: “Yes! This is what I’m talking about!”

But some were unhappy about the proposals.

Emma Capaldi said: “Why do we need another petrol station? There is one two minutes away at the Town Hall.”

Jean Nicholls added: “Don’t you think we need more than a petrol station? Wake up look around you, Shields is dying.”

Lynne Graham agreed: “It’s a Primark we need not a another patrol station.”