What you said about the bid to block Papa John's opening in South Shields

Plans to open a new Papa John's pizza shop next to two fast food restaurants are set to be blocked by town hall chiefs.

The council has confirmed it is in the process of objecting to the application as part of its crackdown on the proliferation of hot food takeaways. Read more hereThe news has prompted a mixed reaction from Gazette readers. What do you make of it? Take part in our poll here.

Here's what you had to say:

Dawn Morgan: To be fair, opening another fast food outlet will make no difference in the increase of people with obesity. I for one love and prefer papa johns than any other pizza outlet.

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Ryan Carr: It's a joke just with Burger King with the traffic etc. You might be able to get a garden shed on there, but thats about it

Derek Wilson: Makes no difference, it'll fail like last time at The Nook

Robert Ambrose: We need it in the town centre, there are plenty of empty buildings.

Alan Johnson: Which is better Papa John's or Domino's? Both quite expensive.

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Christopher Burridge: I can see that industrial estate slowly turning into what the Silverlink is to North Tyneside.

The council should support it and improve the road transport links into it. It's just beside the tunnel and has a Metro stop so could easily be a focal point to attract people. Especially with the football team expansion. It would be good for buisness.

Chris Bullock: The council, I don't think, have a right to block the plans. After all, they have allowed McDonald's for years and just recently Burger King, Papa John's would only appeal any decision against.

Melanie Blake: I don't mind if it does get granted but they have to do something with the traffic around there. When it's busy it just gridlocks so this needs to be taken into consideration. When the drive thru's are busy you can't get in or out of Tesco at all.

Joe Sexton: Bring it on, love a good Papa John's

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Dennis Brian Patton: so whats the problem? Jobs, prosperity and pizza.... whats not to like?

Zoë Doc Marshall: It would create jobs but it's a pain in the rear when the cars for drive thru block Tesco customers.

Morgan Lowrie: NO! Papa johns is elite pizza. Also...it's not Papa Johns fault people get fat, it's their own.

Long live Papa John

Paul Charlton: The reason they will be moving there is the transport links and the cost of the land rent I'd imagine. Jobs are jobs! We need more jobs in Shields, simple as.

Steve Dutton: Isn't fast food the only growth left in South Tynside ?