Which Sunderland kit sponsor has made the most cash for SAFC?

Sunderland fans have been queuing up to get their mits on the SAFC 2016/17 kit.

But while shirt sales add to football clubs' coffers, millions more is made on sponsorship deals for their official kit.

SAFC has made £39.5million since the 09/10 season, according to data from Statista.

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The highest amount listed for Sunderland came from the 2012/13 season, where Tullow Oil promoted the Invest in Africa initiative - paying £20million to have the slogan emblazoned on the club's kit.

It was the first time in English football that a sponsor promoted a cause rather than a commercial product to the Premier League’s then worldwide audience of 4.7billion people.

Here is a breakdown of cash raise from club sponsorship, as published by Statista:

2009/10 - Boylesports, £2.5million

2010/11 - Tombola, £1million

2011/12 - Tombola, £1million

2012/13 - Invest in Africa, £20million

2013/14 - Bidvest, £5million

2014/15 - Bidvest, £5million

2015/16 - Dafabet £5million