Whitburn Villagers worried over new build

I would like to respond to a recent letter from the chairman of Whitburn Cricket Club (WCC) in which he highlighted the current relationship between Whitburn villagers and the club.

Much of the current animosity towards the club stems from WCC’s written support for the recent successful application, by the club’s sponsor, to build a three story five-unit terraced block of contemporary houses with a car parking for 28 vehicles in Church Lane.

This development was vehemently opposed by the whole village as we believe it will harm the character of the conservation area and produce traffic that will destroy the peace and tranquillity of Church Lane.

More recently relationships have been further damaged by the emergence, on the council website, of a full planning application to build a 20-metre telecommunications mast right in the middle of the beautiful view across the cricket field, which the applicant stated was “fully supported by the club”.

I agree with Mr Muse that the prosperity of the club would improve with the support and involvement of village residents, which I believe the club did enjoy in former times.


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His offer to speak to local businesses and residents would be a positive development and will perhaps help him understand that there is no conspiracy by local people seeking to discredit the club, as he contends.

Village residents simply need assurance that the club, in pursuance of no doubt much-needed finance, will refrain from supporting developments that will have a negative impact on the character and appearance of the village.

Such communication as suggested would perhaps prevent misinformation, which may at times circulate the village about the clubs activities.

Part of the current problem is that there is little representation on the club’s management committee from people that actually live in the village.


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Name withheld