Will we ever see peace

I remember my mother having to heat a flat iron on the fire to press our clothes. Then came the electric iron, amazing in those days. I remember her using a poss-stick in the wash-house before she had the luxury of owning a washing machine.

Now technology has moved in giant strides. They are introducing driverless cars in Sweden, androids you can’t distinguish from humans in Japan, along with all the ‘new’ technology we now take for granted. What next I ask myself with wonder? Will people just use a remote control to activate a robot to do their week’s work?

Yet, sadly, one thing has not changed since man inhabited the earth, we still wage war on fellow human beings. Even though human intelligence has advanced greatly and produced incredible innovations man’s inhumanity to man remains locked with primitive animal instincts by participating in wars, the consequences of which we hear about in the news every day.

I wonder in my late years now, will I ever be able to see world peace before I depart.

Jimmy Chambers