Woman's arm broken in three places after tripping on controversial kerb

A controversial new kerb in South Tyneside has left a woman needing metal plates in her arm.
Sylvia Ord triped on the new Market Square kerbSylvia Ord triped on the new Market Square kerb
Sylvia Ord triped on the new Market Square kerb

Sylvia Ord broke her left arm in three places when she tripped over the newly installed kerb at Market Place, South Shields.

The 64-year-old damaged her arm so badly, after falling outside of The Address pub, she needed two metal plates inserted to hold the bones back together.

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Mrs Ord, from Simonside, South Shields, is one of a number of people who have tripped on the undulating kerb – which at its highest point, is about five inches, before it tapers down to road level, and then rises back up again – like a wave.

She said: “I had crossed over from the market and tripped over the lower lip, I thought it was all flat as it looked like it was all one level.

“I heard a crunch as I went down, but then I got back up as I was about to meet my partner.

“I popped into Boots on my way past to buy a support bandage.

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“But when I showed the lady, she said I needed to go to hospital because it looked broken.

“Sure enough it was and two days later I had to go for surgery and have metal plates put in.”

On Tuesday, Mrs Ord’s cast was removed following her fall on January 25. She will now have to wear a brace and also attend physiotherapy sessions.

Coun Jeff Milburn has been campaigning for the kerbs to be replaced.

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Last week the Tory received a list of names, collected by employees at The Address pub, of people who have fallen outside.

Coun Milburn said: “This kerb needs to be removed and sorted out as soon as possible before any more people hurt themselves.

South Tyneside Council previously revealed it has had received ‘fewer than 10 complaints’ about the paving since January.

A council spokesman said: “We are aware of this lady’s fall and hope she is recovering well.

“As this particular case is currently subject to the council’s claims procedure, it would be inappropriate to comment further.”