World Book Day: Superheroes, animals and fairytale princesses - your cracking costumes in pictures

Children across the country have been sharing their favourite stories and paying tribute to their top characters for World Book Day.

By Debra Fox
Thursday, 07 March, 2019, 16:49
You have been sharing your pictures for World Book Day.

We have had witches and wizards, classic characters and some animal magic in a range of outstanding outfits from all of you. Thank you to everyone who sent a photograph to celebrate World Book Day - and we hope you have had a brilliant day at school!

Isla Andre, age 7, as Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Picture: Amy Stobbs.
Christopher, age 9, as Groot. Picture: Amy Connell.
Aaron Mark, age 5, as Dennis the Menace. Picture: Amy Thomas.
Isabelle-Rose, age 4, as Mary Poppins. Picture: Amy Thompson.
Madison, age 5, as Alice in Wonderland. Picture: Andrew Rambo Reilly.
Callum, age 7, as Billionaire Boy. Picture: Anne Marie.
Lucas, age 7, as Willy Wonky. Picture: Ashleigh Davison.
Reece, age 8, Cory, age 7, Destiny age 5. Picture: Ashleigh Wallbank
Shaun, age 8, and Konnie Rae, age 3. Picture: Ashton Amy.
Josey as Where's Wally. Picture: Beth Dodsworth.
Aisha, age 7. Picture: Beverley Sanyang.
Brice Harper Gray as Cruella de Vil. Picture: Carly Godwin.
Picture: Catherine Louise Jones.
Picture: Charlotte Fowler.
Mya-Grace, age 5. Picture: Chelsey Walker.
Oscar, age 19 months, as Spider-Man. Picture: Cheryl Murphy.
Dressed up as Moana and The Race Horse Who Couldn't Gallop. Picture: Chris Baker.
Lewis and Chanelle. Picture: Chris Batchelor.
Maddison, age 7, as Little Red Riding Hood. Picture: Claire Edwards.
Amelia Wright, age 4. Picture: Claire Rutter.
Gabriel Armstrong, 6, as Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Picture: Claire Voss.
Sophia and William as Little Red Riding Hood and Where's Wally. Picture: Claire Marie Watson.
India, age 9, Summer, age 8, and Logan age 7. Picture: Danielle Currer.
Darcey Tilson, age 3, as Matilda. Picture: Danni Tilson.
Alfie, age 4, as Peter Rabbit. Picture: Darren Murphy.
Amber Jade Sewell, age 3, as Alice in Wonderland. Picture: Dawn Sewell.
Poppy, age 9, as Matilda and Louie, age 3, as Batman. Picture: Diane Marie Parker.
Erin Johnston, age 10, as Cruella de Vil. Picture: Donna Johnston.
Joshua, age 4, as Woody. Picture: Donna Marie Atkinson.
Mason, age 6, as the Scarecrow's Secret. Picture: Emma Garthwaite.
Ellie, age 9, as Willy Wonka. Picture: Emma Kyle.
Hannah, age 6, as Goldilocks. Picture: Emma Kyle.
Jake, 9, and James, 7, as Harry Potter characters. Picture: Emma Louise Robe.
The Cat in the Hat. Picture: Emma Spokes.
Grace Kelly, age 5, as Alice in Wonderland. Picture: Faye Mckenzie.
Gary, age 7, as an Oompa Loompa. Picture: Hayley Blackwood.
Sophie, age 2, as Batgirl. Picture: Gemma Fawcett.
Jake Keenan, age 11 weeks, as Spider-Baby. Picture: Hayley Goodin.
Olivia James. Picture: Hayley Goodin.
Jacob, age 5, with his favourite book. Picture: Hayley Weetman.
Leighton Knight, age 5, as Baloo. Picture: Holly Knight.
Jay Raine, age 6, as the White Rabbit. Picture: Jade Fada.
Picture: Jade Harbison.
Ben Alderson. Picture: Jade Louise Dodds.
Archie, age 2, as Peter Rabbit. Picture: Jade Huddart.
Leo Elliott, age 8. Picture: Jasmine Bone.
Katelyn and Sophie, ages 10 and 8, as Hermione Grainger.
Chase Mullen, age 7. Picture: Jayne Eunson.
Kacey, age 11, as Little Red Riding Hood. Gavin, age 8, as Dennis the menace, Zak, age 6, as apirate from Peter pan, Lilli-may, age 5, as Mary Poppins. Picture: Jen Kennedy.
Aiden, age 3, as Rex. Picture: Jess Ainsley.
Katelyn Moore, age 8, as Amanda Thripp. Picture: Jill Moseley.

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Mason Moore, age 3, as Peter Rabbit. Picture: Jill Moseley.
Dylan, age 7, as The Trunchbull. Picture: Jillian Lumley Morton.
Picture: Joanne Casey.
Picture: Jodie Greenwell.
Lydia Walker, age 3, as Snow White. Picture: Johanne Walker McMullen.
Aria, age 5 months, as Little Red Riding Hood. Picture: Kayleigh Tate.
Niamh Burgess, age 9. Picture: Kelly A Burgess.
Jack Burgess, age 11. Picture: Kelly A Burgess.
Sara Bainbridge, age 6, as Matilda. Picture: Kine Kristoffersen.
Grace Thompson, age 8, as the Mad Hatter. Picture: Kirsty Weetman.
Ruby as Goldilocks. Picture: Laura Dawson.
Charley, age 3, as Hermione Grainger and Cullan, age 6, as Harry Potter. Picture: Lauren Bloomfield.
Luca, age 3, as Paddington Bear. Picture: Lianne Moutrey.
Jessica as Snow White. Picture: Linda Ayre.
Tia, age 5, as Cruella de Vil. Picture: Lisa M Bell.
Harry, age 5. Picture: Lisa Neilson.
Lois, age 5. Picture: Lori Smith.
Archie, 3, The Highway Rat. Picture: Lori Wood.
Noah, age 4 months, as Fantastic Mr Fox. Picture: Louise Hudson.
Alexia Loftus as Wednesday. Picture: Louise Loftus.
Lucy and Jacob. Picture: Maria Ward.
Charlotte Liddle as Little "No" Peep. Picture: Marie Liddle.
Erin Arnold, age 12, as Matilda. Picture: Michelle Arnold.
Ava Gray, age 7, as the Queen of Hearts. Picture: Michelle Gray-Falconbridge.
Hayden Lowdon as Mr Stink. Picture: Michelle Gurrier Lowdon.
Jayden Bays, age 6, as the Cat in the Hat. Picture: Naomi Wilkinson.
Lily Gibson, age 8, as Hermione Grainger. Picture: Natalie Pettmore.
Tom and Aya Woods age 10. Picture: Nikki Agnew.
Mya Rose Gibson, age 4. Picture: Rachael Gibson.
Kyra, 8, as Wonder Woman. Picture: Rebecca Elizabeth Thorpe.
Leah, age 9, as Mildred Hubble. Picture: Rosie Tricker.
Ruby as Mary Poppins. Picture: Sarah Henderson.
James, 6, and Alvie, 4, as Willy Wonka and an Oompa Loompa. Picture: Samantha Argue.
Noel, 2, and Grayson, 4, as Granny Wolf and the Big Bad Wolf. Picture: Sarah Lewis.
Mya Bradbury as Mary Poppins. Picture: Sarah Mckenna.
Lily Bond, age 9, as Gangster Granny. Picture: Sarah Scullion.
Adam age 10, as Captain Underpants. Picture: Sarah Shaw.
Lucy, age 7, as the Demon Dentist. Picture: Sarah Shaw.
Jack, age 6. Picture: Sarah Wood.
Miah, age 5. Picture: Shannon Pascoe.
Iyla Hunter, age 6, as Cruella de Vil. Picture: Shona Hunter.
Alice Watson, age 3, as Poppy from Trolls. Picture: Solain Watson.
Hallie, age 5, the Snow Queen. Picture: Stacey Hunter.
Charlie, age 4, as Thor. Picture: Stacey Lamb.
Picture: Steph Dunn.
Maisie, age 10, Logan, age 7, Amelia, age 9, as Thing 1, Thing 2 and the Cat in the Hat. Picture: Steph Price.
Lily Murray, age 8, as Mary Poppins. Picture: Susan Robinson.
Lola Wilson, age 4. Picture: Susan Robinson.
Destiny Carter, age 5, as Violet. Picture: Tanya Clyne.
Ella Jai Harvey as The Greatest Showman. Picture: Toni-louise Hubbert.
Russell, age 3, as Woody. Picture: Vicki Ellis Evelyn.
Annabelle Owens, age 5, as the Gruffalo. Picture: Zoe Owens.