Your pictures of jellyfish on North East beaches as hot weather sends them to shore

The recent hot weather has certainly kept us busy - and there's nothing better on a warm day than a wander down to the seaside.
Thanks to everyone who sent a photo!Thanks to everyone who sent a photo!
Thanks to everyone who sent a photo!

But we haven’t been the only ones thinking this way!

This summer’s scorching weather has seen a rise in jellyfish on British beaches - and you’ve been out spotting our slimey friends as they wash up on our sands.

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As the tide went out on one of our region’s beaches over the weekend, one family spotted a huge red creature washed up on a rock.

Their find, thought to be a lion’s mane jellyfish, inspired all of you to get in touch with your own pictures.

Click through our picture gallery above and meet some of our beach-loving neighbours. Check it out to see if we used your photo!