Advice for hay fever sufferers battling through the high pollen count

Hay fever sufferers will be struggling this week with a high pollen count forecast.
Hay fever sufferers should follow pollen adviceHay fever sufferers should follow pollen advice
Hay fever sufferers should follow pollen advice

The week has begun with a high pollen count and it is only predicted to drop to medium after Wednesday, July 17, according to the Met Office.

Pollen can cause irritation and inflammation in one in five people who are allergic to it when it is inhaled. Hay fever is the most common pollen allergy and is most commonly caused by grass. Depending on the time of year, the pollen in the air will be different.

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Symptoms include itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing and tiredness.

Although we may wish the rain away in the summer, a rain shower in the morning will help keep pollen levels low all day, whilst afternoon showers cause less of an impact.

Your pets can also get hay fever. Signs to look out for include biting their paws, excessive scratching and tiredness.

Hay fever sufferers will be unhappy to know there is no cure but most people are able to relieve their symptoms.

How to relieve hay fever:

Wear wrap-around sunglasses.

Start treatment early.

Avoid contact lenses when eyes are irritated.

Limit alcohol but remain hydrated.

Wash your hair and change clothes after being outside.

Keep your windows closed.

Avoid drying clothes outside.

Ask someone else to cut the grass for you.

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If all else fails, your GP can help you find treatment especially if you also have asthma or other allergies.