A series of light projections featuring the UK’s most uplifting words have taken place to celebrate National Scrabble Day and the easing of lockdown restrictions

Taken at night, these stunning images feature Brick Lane market and the Royal Oak pub in Bethnal Green covered in positive words such as ‘freedom’, ‘relief’ and ‘hope.’

Locations close to Harrods and the Shard were also treated to the projection – with all the words spelt out in the style of Scrabble tiles.

The words were chosen following a poll of 2,000 adults to identify the UK’s favourite uplifting words, along with the words Brits most associate with lockdown easing.

The uplifting projection took place over the weekend to celebrate the lifting of restrictions ahead of National Scrabble Day which takes place on Tuesday April 13.

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    Thinking about playing

    It emerged around a third of the UK have played the word-based game during lockdown - with around a fifth set to mark the national day itself by playing a game or two.

    A spokesman for Scrabble said: “In Scrabble – as in life – the words we choose matter.

    “They have the power to uplift, encourage and strengthen us.


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    “Words connect us all, and we wanted to make this historic day of lockdown easing and the return to some semblance of normality, by discovering the most meaningful words to people today.”

    Scrabble project words in London Bridge by The Shard that reflect the mood of the nation as lockdown eases, unveiling its new brand look

    Favourite positive words

    The nation’s most positive words also include ‘happy’, ‘delight’, and ‘smile’, along with ‘peace’, ‘hope’ and ‘friends.’


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    Words such as ‘summer’, ‘nature’ and ‘pets’ are also favourite positive words among those polled – as are ‘cuddle’, ‘heroes’ and ‘weekend’.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly ‘pub’ and ‘vaccine’ also result in a warm feeling, while ‘thanks’ is poignant following the efforts of all the frontline workers.

    Appreciative of more

    The study also found 68 per cent of adults believe they’ve become appreciative of things they might have previously taken for granted prior to the pandemic.


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    As such, 71 per cent see the end of the lockdown as the perfect opportunity to do something positive moving forwards.

    And much like the aim of the positive words projection, more than a third of adults have gone out of their way to spread positivity.

    More than a quarter have posted inspirational messages on social media with the aim of cheering others up.

    While 16 per cent have done voluntary work and 27 per cent have donated to food banks.


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    And it appears their efforts are much needed, the study carried out through OnePoll found 45 per cent have struggled to stay positive during the past 12 months.

    This in-turn was partly what inspired the makers of the classic board game to put on a projection - to share messages of positivity and hope,

    *A new-look Scrabble board goes on sale this spring with ‘more modern, fresh packaging for a new generation of players’.



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    1. Family2. Healthy3. Happy4. Love5. Sunny6. Thanks7. Smile8. Holiday9. Hope10. Peace11. Summer12. Relax13. Nature14. Comfort15. Friends16. Joy17. Cuddle18. Pets19. Spring20. Heroes21. Faith22. Kind23. Believe24. Fresh25. Cheer26. Weekend27. Delight28. Content29. Pub30. Vaccine


    1. Hope2. Freedom3. Relief4. Family5. Reunion6. Normal7. Family8. Health9. Restart10. Holiday11. Friends12. Summer13. Joy14. Social15. Pub16. Better17. Reset18. Shops19. Whole20. New