Chinese XPENG flying car X2 makes first public flight in Dubai

XPeng’s electrical flying car could be the future of inner-city travel… what could possibly go wrong?!

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer XPeng successfully launched its X2 flying car in Dubai on Monday (October 10) which boasts a top speed of 130 kph and produces zero carbon emissions during flight.

The company - commonly known for its automotive production - have designed a two-seater electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft that ascends with eight propellers.

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XPeng successfully launched the vehicle in United Arab Emirates for a total of 90 seconds.

Brian Gu, Vice Chairman and President at XPeng told the Khaleej Times: “The next generation flying car will be intelligent, electric, vertical take-off and landing, air-land coupling. We hope that our flying car will be a perfect match for Dubai, to jointly explore and build the future of 3D transportation, so that everyone can fly freely in the sky.”

XPENG took to Twitter to share a video of the launch, the caption reads: “X2 flying car’s first public flight is officially launched. Let’s take a look at the scene together!”

One sceptical user replied: “How is this a flying car? It has no wheels. To me it’s an eVTOL which is perfectly fine but it’s not a car.”

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Another added: “People already struggle with 2D roads. I’ll make sure to have a safety net above my house!”

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