First News: catch that sausage

Farthest throw and catch of a sausage roll in the mouth (photo: You Tube, David Rush)Farthest throw and catch of a sausage roll in the mouth (photo: You Tube, David Rush)
Farthest throw and catch of a sausage roll in the mouth (photo: You Tube, David Rush)

Catch that sausage!

An American man claims to have set a new world record for the farthest throw and catch of a sausage roll into the mouth.

David Rush teamed up with his friend Jonathan Hannon for the bizarre attempt, which saw him successfully catch a sausage roll in his mouth at a distance of 83ft 10in (an impressive 25.5 metres). The previous record to beat was 36ft 1in (11m).

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Rush said the record might sound easy enough, but it proved harder than expected. Posting on his website, he wrote: “What I didn’t anticipate was how a 19-gram irregular shape would fly through the air.”

After lots of failed attempts, he eventually managed a catch! He told First News: “The sausage rolls were spicy”.

This isn’t the first time the dad has attempted a Guinness World Record – he’s actually broken more than 250! Rush challenges himself to all sorts of wacky things to help promote STEM education.


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Disney day out

By Theodore

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Over Christmas, I went to see Disney on Ice at the O2 in London – it was amazing!

We went to the Dream Big show, which basically featured all of Disney’s best-known characters, like Mickey, Minnie, Moana, Aladdin, Cinderella and Rapunzel.

Disney on Ice day out at the O2 in LondonDisney on Ice day out at the O2 in London
Disney on Ice day out at the O2 in London

My favourite section was probably the Frozen bit at the end though. It was so cool as they had loads of snow coming down from the ceiling and Olaf was just so funny. Everyone sang along to Let It Go.

I kept saying to my mum and dad, I couldn’t believe how good the ice skating was! The characters just made it look so easy.

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Moana was especially good at doing lots of tricks and I loved watched Goofy fall over all the time (on purpose!).

I’d definitely recommend going to a show if you like watching Disney films, like me, and want to see some cool skills. It’s a really fun day out.


Conservationists are celebrating the birth of the world’s rarest chimpanzee at Chester Zoo. The baby boy is a critically endangered western chimpanzee and will be named after a rock star or famous pop icon.


Chinese New Year

January 22

Chinese communities around the world celebrate the start of the new lunar year, with 2023 marking the Year of the Rabbit.

Burns Night

January 25

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Scotland pays tribute to one of its national heroes, the poet Robert Burns, who was born on this day in 1759.


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