Love affair with our home is over

Weeks spent confined to our homes during lockdown has made most of us dissatisfied with our current living space.

Researchers quizzed 2,000 householders and found that eight out of ten were unhappy with their homes.

More than two-thirds (63%) felt levels of discontent had increased while spending so much more time at home.

Almost half (46%) said that ‘not enough rooms/space’ was a source of frustration as families juggled living and working in homes not fit for multipurpose living.

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    Open plan living

    ‘Lack of natural light’ (32%) and ‘desire for open plan living’ (29%) were also among the main causes of irritation.

    ‘Location’ (23%) and ‘proximity to green space’ (22%) also scored highly, suggesting that being forced to take daily exercise near to our properties has prompted a desire to be closer to nature.

    Fuelled by the good weather, unruly gardens were also a pain point, with 68% believing their outdoor spaces needed a revamp.


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    Up for sale

    A massive 53% felt they would like to put their property on the market within six months of restrictions being lifted.

    And  58% said they intended to extend or renovate as soon as they were given the go-ahead by the Government to allow professionals into their homes again.

    Leeds and Glasgow were the places where people are most content with their homes. London was highlighted as having the most unhappy homeowners.


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