'Millennial railcard' available nationwide - but numbers are limited

The 'Millennial railcard' - a travel discount card for 26 to 30-year-olds - is to be launched nationwide.

Valid for one year, the card for 26 to 30-year-olds will cost £30 and offer a third off most fares in Scotland, England, and Wales on the National Rail network.

However, only 10,000 will be released, and as well as the age restriction, not all peak time travel fares will be eligible for reduction, the card being aimed more at leisure travel. A minimum fare of £12 applies to all weekday journeys before 10am.

The nationwide launch follows an initial trial in the Greater Anglia network area, where 10,000 railcards were sold.

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    The railcard is digital-only - essentially, it's an app - and applicants will require proof of age, either through a driving licence or passport, a digital, passport-style photo, and will need to pay by card (although it's possible to apply by phone, a photo will still need to be submitted).

    Applications should be made on the 26-30 railcard website.