More than seven in 10 Brits have never invited a neighbour to a local event

As the nation prepares for a weekend of celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, new research has found that 71% of Brits have never  invited a neighbour to a local event they were hosting or attending - with four in five (83%) admitting a previous awkward encounter prevented them from doing so.

Over half (52%) of Brits say their relationship with their neighbour is limited to saying ‘hello’, increasing to 66% for people aged 25 -34 - 70% of whom will actively try to avoid getting into a conversation with their neighbours.

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Despite people aged 25-34 (49%) and 18-24 (48%) being the most likely to experience an awkward neighbourly encounter, it is these younger generations who are continuing to  lead the charge in wanting to get to know their neighbours more, with 45% of Gen Z - compared to a national average of 36%.

Among the regions measured, those living in Oxford feel the most awkward around their neighbours (70%) but are most keen to rectify this by getting to know them better (63%).

Top tips to befriend your neighbours

The research comes as Nextdoor, the online community network, has partnered with comedian Russell Kane to share a video guide, helping Brits navigate the awkward reality of inviting neighbours to a Jubilee celebration through a series of comedic sketches. 

The video arms viewers with some humorous tips to ensure they don’t let traditional British reservedness get in the way of the nation’s royal celebrations this June.

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Russell Kane comments: ‘’There is solidarity in our love for tea and football just as there is in our awkwardness sometimes when it comes to getting together with our neighbours.

So, whether it’s rooting around to find a neighbour’s name in an old Christmas card or resorting to small talk about the weather, don’t worry, we’re in this together. Get on out there and invite a neighbour to celebrate the Jubilee with Nextdoor!’’

Overcoming British awkwardness

It also emerged that when Brits do overcome their awkwardness, one in three prefer to invite a neighbour to a local event face-to-face. This rises to 44% for people aged over 55 but is dodged by Gen Z, (only one in ten), who prefer to instead do so via voice note (15%) or through a community group (14%).

Roisin O’Neil, Head of Community UK at Nextdoor says: “We know that introducing ourselves to neighbours or even seeing people you’ve lived next to for years can feel a bit awkward sometimes. Getting to know the people in your local area online first can really help and Nextdoor is all about getting those online relationships translating into real life friendships.

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The upcoming Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is the perfect excuse to throw a street party or just to get together with neighbours and your community to celebrate the long weekend. Nextdoor is the perfect place to find out what Jubilee celebrations are happening in your local area and to help you organise your own with neighbours too.’’

To commemorate the upcoming Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Nextdoor has partnered with the Eden Project and its renowned initiative, The Big Jubilee Lunch, to encourage people all over the UK to get together and celebrate the Jubilee with their neighbours and local community.

People can also add, share or find Jubilee events in their local area and find out more here.

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