Research reveals most family friendly postcodes in England

Postcodes in Milton Keynes, Barnsley, Chorley, Bolsover and Bath and North East Somerset have been revealed to be some of the best areas in the country to start and raise a family.

That’s according to new analysis from Property Detective who crunched the numbers to reveal the country’s most family friendly postcodes.

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The analysis, which has been shared exclusively with the JPIMedia Data Unit, looked at  various factors ranging from access to schools to maternity units to determine the best places for couples to start a family and raise children around England.


Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson for Property Detective said: “According to the Property Detective model, the best postcode districts in England to start and raise a family are MK17 (South East), S35 (Yorkshire and the Humber), PR26 (North West), S45 (East Midlands) and BS31 (South West). 

“These specific areas scored very highly based on top rated nurseries as well as primary and secondary education, with very good availability of local amenities.”

The report took into account the availability, quality and proximity of a wide range of amenities and services within every postcode district, including: schools, nurseries, parks and playgrounds, maternity units, NCT groups, chemists and shops.