This is how to stop Amazon sending your orders in plastic packaging

As concerns around plastic waste and the environment are growing among consumers. Now, if you're an Amazon shopper, there is a way to replace plastic in your order with paper - but its up to you to make the change.

The power of customer requests has pushed Amazon to respond to people asking for less plastic packaging in your order.

Contact Amazon online directly to change your preferences

After contacting Amazon, a customer service operator said, "We are getting a lot of these requests" before confirming that if customers contact them, they can tell the packaging department to "replace plastic with paper."

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    To opt out of receiving plastic packaging with your order, you can go to Amazon's Customer Services, and request to speak online. After being prompted through automatic links, type in "reduce plastic in orders". Scroll down to the bottom where it says "item not on list" and then click "speak to an associate". You can then chat to a customer services representative online, who should be able to help you.

    Blogger Polly Barks runs a website dedicated to green living. She offers other tips on reducing waste from Amazon's global shopping empire.

    She said, "My success rate isn’t 100% with this, but I’d guess 3 out of my last 5 packages have been packaged without plastic."

    This shows the power consumers have over giant companies. With just a little know-how people concerned about a company's policies can begin contacting it en masse until it can no longer ignore the requests.