Why I love ... life

During these lockdown times, to help raise spirits people are sharing their passions in life. Here it is the turn of Faith Young.

Faith runs her own Yorkshire copywriting and PR business, is married and has a cat.

Her business is called Faith Young Writer, clients ranging from cake-maker, farm and holiday cottages to travel experts.

Why I love ... runningBack during my school days the only sport I could do with any sort of competence was running.It was the era of Olympian Zola Budd so I ran barefoot if training was taking place on the grass track.Running stayed with me at various times.At university, when I worked in the tourism industry, and now when I’m running (excuse the pun!) my own business.Running is time away from the desk. A bit of time on my own. Time to think and sort out priorities.It’s also got health benefits, of course, and it means I can eat the odd treat now and again and not worry too much about it.

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    Why I love ... Workers Education AssociationI have been very blessed with my education, having both a BA (Hons) and Master of Arts.I have carried out voluntary work since my early 20s. My current charity involvement is with the WEA, which offers educational courses throughout the UK.I usually attend film and writing courses a couple of times a year. I also attend meetings and help with the local WEA publicity.I love the WEA as it is learning you enjoy and want to do.It also is a social lifeline, meeting some great people and creating friendships.

    Why I love ... Cleveland Way National TrailThis stupendous long distance walk takes in some stunning seascapes, particularly on the East Coast stretch between Filey and Whitby.We are so lucky to have this on our doorstep. I know some parts of it very well.The views are magnificent, many of them requiring a heart-pumping, strenuous walk or run to reach them.

    Robin Hoods Bay. Signage for the Cleveland Way at the Cinder Track which runs between Whitby and Scarborough. Picture Tony Johnson.

    Why I love ... Brontë SistersLike many folks, I love to read. The Brontës – Anne, Emily and Charlotte – were among first classic novels I read when I was aged 10 onward.While not everyone is a fan of their writing style, I continually dip in and out of their novels and poetry.To think these amazing women wrote world class novels from their parsonage at remote Haworth is incredible. I often visit Anne Brontë’s grave when out on a run, having a little rest by her grave-side.


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    circa 1834: English writers Anne, Emily and Charlotte Bronte. Original Artwork: Painting by their brother, Patrick Branwell Bronte. (Photo by Rischgitz/Getty Images)

    Why I love ... chocolateYep, an indulgence of mine, I’m afraid. I do eat in moderation. Well, usually!Life is to be enjoyed, I do believe in all things in moderation is a mantra that works nine times out of ten.

    Why I love ... David Lean moviesI enjoy watching films, from latest blockbusters to classics.David Lean is among best British directors, whose portfolio includes Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago and Bridge on the River Kwai.His black and white films are also worth watching, including Hobson’s Choice, which starred Scarborough-born actor Charles Laughton.

    The David Lean film starred Julie Christie and Omar Sharif


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    Why I love ... catsThey can be a pest to gardeners. However, I do love having a moggy as a pet. Our pet Max is a rescue cat and is great company.Cats are very like humans. They have moods and opinions. And aren’t afraid to show them! They don’t really ask a lot - food and litter tray - and they give so much in return.