You can now buy a cooling sun bed especially for your dog - and it costs less than £20

Just as we jump at the chance to soak up the summer rays, many cats and dogs also love relaxing in the warm sun.

For both us and our pets, exposure to the sun helps boost our vitamin D levels and improves our moods.

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However, while the positives are the same, sadly so are the negatives. Too much sun exposure for cats and dogs can become harmful, with the risk of sunburn and overheating.

Yet pet owners need not fret, as supermarket giant, Lidl, has created a pet sun lounger, that lets our beloved pets enjoy the summer sun safely.

What are the product specifications?

The pet bed is called the ‘Zoofari Dog Bed with Sun Shade’, but it will no doubt be adored by pet cats too.

It is raised off the ground to allow for more airflow from all directions in order to keep your pet cool and has a tent-like removable shade which can protect your pet from up to UV factor 50.

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The bed is very lightweight and easy to move around your garden or home.

When are the pet sun loungers available?

The pet beds are stocked on Lidl’s middle shelves nationwide for the bargain price of £19.99.

They are not available to buy online.

What other products in the range can keep my pet cool this summer?

Step-On dog drinking fountain

Lidl’s Zoofari range has a variety of pet cooling accessories to choose from such as pedal-operated dog water fountains, to give your dog fresh water at the touch of a paw.

The ‘Step-On Dog Water Fountains’ is easily connected to a standard garden hose and will rehydrate as well as entertain your pooch, with three different nozzle sprays.

The fountain is priced at £9.99.

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Dog paddling pool

Alternatively this ‘Zoofari Dog Pool’, priced at £29.99 will certainly keep your furry friend cool during the hot summer days.

If you are worried about adding clutter to your garden when you prefer to keep it minimalistic, you need not worry.

Once your dog has finished playing, the pool is easily dismantled with a quick draining valve and just as easily folded away into its practical storage bag, to save storage space.

Just as easily as it is dismantled, it can also be set up in no time, as, according to the product description, “no inflating [is] required”.

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It comes with a 3 year warranty which will reassure the owners of especially boisterous pets.

Cooling Mat and Car Seat Cover

It’s not just in the garden that your pet needs to keep cool. Those car journeys to scenic walking spots can get your pet really feeling the heat.

So this Zoofari Pet Cooling Mat or Car Seat Cover priced at only £6.99 is ideal for keeping your furry friend comfortable on the ride.

However it is not just in cars that these mats can be used. Lidl describes them as “Versatile” stating that they “can be used on beds, in kennels and more”.

They require no additional cooling sources, power or water supplies.

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