Best touchscreen gloves UK 2022: use your phone with ease with winter gloves from Sealskinz and Montane

Good, proper, warming gloves used to mean a lack of dexterity. But with touchscreen gloves, this is no longer a problem

Best touchscreen gloves to keep hands warm and use your phone easilyBest touchscreen gloves to keep hands warm and use your phone easily
Best touchscreen gloves to keep hands warm and use your phone easily

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As the weather morphs into winter and the months progress, the need for extra layers becomes even more imperative.

Alongside waterproof, thermal and down garments, a good pair of gloves is vital to your general wellbeing over winter, especially if you find yourself out in the snow and ice a lot, or have to work in such environments.

Good, proper, warming gloves however do have their disadvantages, and the most obvious one is the clear lack of dexterity you have when wearing.

Often quite simple tasks become difficult, and if you’re having to use touchscreens whilst wearing them, taking gloves on and off again each time you stop can be a nightmare.

If you’re navigating using your phone when out on hikes too, then having to remove the gloves each time can be significantly detrimental to progress.

This is where touchscreen gloves come in - and now most outdoor manufacturers will offer a touchscreen glove in their winter range, such is the ubiquity and importance of touchscreen technology today.

Essentially, as the name suggests, they just allow you to continue to keep using touchscreens with the gloves on, making a connection with the screen that’s firm and abrasive enough for the screen to recognise.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and there are a number of different types of gloves that suit different activities on offer, so we’ve rounded up here some of our favourite touchscreen gloves on the market at the moment.

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