Which is the best winter sleeping bag? What tog do I need? Best from Mountain Warehouse, Decathlon

Stay warm, safe and dry - even in snowy climes - with our expert rated best winter sleeping bags, for extreme weather

Best winter sleeping bags: high tog sleeping bags for cold weatherBest winter sleeping bags: high tog sleeping bags for cold weather
Best winter sleeping bags: high tog sleeping bags for cold weather

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If you’re interested in hitting the hills and the mountains in autumn and winter, you’ll want to be well prepared and ensure you’re carrying the right kit. A major element of this kit is a good warm sleeping bag suitable for colder conditions - many summer sleeping bags are lighter and contain less fill, which means that if the temperature drops standard summer family options may not cut it to keep you safe and warm.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some winter sleeping bag options suitable for more extreme conditions.

Best winter sleeping bags at a glance

What’s the difference between a summer and winter sleeping bag?

Fill power is the most obvious difference - winter sleeping bags often have high powered goose down filling to keep you as warm as possible in challenging conditions. Down and its synthetic alternatives are also very packable, allowing you to carry the bags inside or attached to packs when out hiking in the hills. They’re often also coated with a hydrophobic damp proof system, designed to allow the bag to retain its warm, loft and fill even when in clammy or wet conditions.

What to look for in a winter sleeping bag

Good sleeping bags have a rating system that allows you to easily determine which bag you’ll need depending on the adventures you’re going on. The comfort temperature is the temperature which you’ll be warm and cosy when using the bag - the extreme temperature is the limit of the bag and often around -16 for the very best products on the market.

It’s not advisable to go down to these temperatures, but buying a good bag with a decent extreme temperature at least means you’ll be safe and not at risk of hypothermia in the most challenging of conditions.

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