Hotel Chocolat’s Velvetiser UK 2022: this popular appliance brings a bit of luxury into life for winter

This sleek, simple appliance from Hotel Chocolat will help you make perfect hot chocolate everytime – truly velvety

The Hotel Chocolat VelvetiserThe Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser
The Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser

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A friend commented the only way they demarcate the days during winter is the point where they switch from drinking coffee to drinking wine. Dysfunctional as that sounds, it certainly seems to be a common refrain for the colder months - though it doesn’t have to be.

Enter, then, a lovely purchase that will help switch up your drinking habits to something altogether more wholesome, while still bringing joy.  

We first encountered the Velvetiser when a colleague was waxing lyrical about it on our work Slack channels. We coveted it for several months, wondering if it was worth the cost for a non-essential kitchen accessory. Finally, we rationalised the money could be well deployed to buy something that might make the family smile. And it certainly did.  

The Hotel Chocolate Velvetiser makes the best hot chocolate we've tasted outside of Spain (where they seriously know their cocoa). It can be used with any chocolate, or any chocolate powder – it's just a question of adding the chocolate to the machine, with whatever milk you prefer, pressing a button, and you're set.  

So what of the hot chocolate? It is, we can not overstate, aptly named – this produces a velvety drink. Regular hot chocolate is either silty and thin, or, if made on the stove, scorching hot. This, instead, is perfectly incorporated, rich, delicious.  

Best of all, there's the capacity to create whatever you fancy for your hot chocolate. We have made salted caramel, chilli chocolate, white chocolate with cardamom. All gorgeous. Try hazelnut chocolate for a liquid Nutella treat.

The milk is frothy and – unlike other hot chocolates – every mouthful is delicious, not simply the first few.

Visiting children are rapturous in response to it: it's a lovely way of making them a milky treat. As for adults – it's helped reduce our coffee intake, which is rather good for lockdown nerves.  

The downside is the machine will make one cup at a time. This is hardly a concern, but for larger households it won't brew up a batch speedily.  

We love the appearance too – copper, sleek, and it fits easily into our glassware cupboard. No issues cleaning it, either. Pleasures are few and far between at the moment: we thoroughly recommend this lovely machine.  

Available in three colourways – copper, charcoal, and white. You can use your own chocolate or purchase powder from Hotel Chocolat in a selection of flavours. 

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