6 best wireless Bluetooth earbud headphones for all budgets - including Samsung, Sony and Panasonic

High quality, reliable bluetooth earbuds for everything from exercise to focused work or study - tried and tested

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Though Bluetooth technology has been around for more than three decades, it’s only in recent years that manufacturers seem to have cracked it when it comes to completely wireless headphones.

While many buyers default to Apple Airpods, due to brand recognition, they’re far from the best value you can get for your money. We tested the rest - here are our favourites.


Connecting all of the earbuds featured here to an iPhone SE was quick and easy, and they are equally as compatible with other smartphone brands, tablets or computers with Bluetooth capabilities. Regardless of brand, each pair comes in its own neat, magnetised charging case, making it easy to grab and go and minimising the chances of you losing an earphone in transit.

Whether you want to listen to music cordless while exercising, are looking for a quieter commute, or need to block out ambient noise as you work, there’s a pair of in-ear buds waiting to convert you to wireless on this list.

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