11 nostalgic photos of life in South Tyneside in 1990

Let's rewind 34 years in the borough.

What do you remember most about 1990?

Was it the football World Cup which had us all on the edge of our seats? Was it the hit TV shows such as Cheers, Quantum Leap and The Golden Girls?

Or was it something closer to home, such as these 11 South Tyneside scenes which we found in the Shields Gazette archives.

There was the Hedwortfield Primary School pupils who came up with an anti-smoking rap and the coffee-loving students at Mortimer Comprehensive.

You might remember the Woolworths staff who raffled a Teddy Bear for Valentine’s Day or the four-year-old trying his hand at being a Roman solider at Arbeia.

We have all this and more from 1990. Take a look.