They were all part of the South Tyneside skyline - but do you remember them?

There was a time when all this was part of our lives.

Thursday, 2nd January 2020, 4:45 pm
The Kizmet faced demolition in 2006 but who remembers nights out there?

But much disappeared from the South Tyneside skyline as the years passed.

Remember the days of the Bizz Bar and Kizmet. Of Hawthorn Leslie and Bolingbroke Hall?

Take a trip down Memory Lane and see how many of these you remember.

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The bullzdozers move in on the Bizz Bar in 2012.
The final days of Hawthorn Leslie at Hebburn in 2011. Did you work there?
Pulling down the fire station 16 years ago.
A scene from 2003 as Bolingbroke Hall in South Shields ends its days. Did you love a trip to the sports and recreation venue?
The demolition of the former Deneside Club, Fellgate. Does this bring back happy memories?
A photo from 2007 showing the demolition of Danesfield House.
Ashgrove Avenue's regeneration got our photographer's attention in 2004.
Another view of The Crescent (Ashgrove Avenue regeneration scheme).
The Kizmet comes down in 2006. Remember this?
Another view of the demolition of Bizz Bar.
A reminder of the Hawthorn Leslie yard at Hebburn.
Demolition work at Ashgrove Avenue.
Which former South Tyneside buildings would you love to bring back? Email [email protected] and tell us more.