Andy Carroll reveals what its REALLY like being back at Newcastle United

Andy Carroll’s back at home – in more ways than one.
Andy Carroll.Andy Carroll.
Andy Carroll.

The striker rejoined Newcastle United as a free agent on transfer deadline day – and he's temporarily living at his mum and dad's house.

“I’m waking up every morning at my mum and dad’s house, where it all began,” Gateshead-born Carroll told “I’m driving into training, the same drive we drove when I was seven. I had a walk around town the other day. It’s home.

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“I can’t wait to just walk out at St. James’s – I really can’t. I walked into the stadium when I was signing, and walked down the side of the pitch. Just an unbelievable feeling. When I put the shirt on and walk out … I can’t describe it.”

The 30-year-old added: “I’m more buzzing to put it on now, the shirt, than I was when I was 17. I’m so excited.”