All-time Premier League table without VAR: Where Newcastle United would rank compared to Man Utd, Liverpool and rivals

A look at the all-time Premier League table without VAR to see where Newcastle United would rank compared to their rivals.

Newcastle United have had their fair share of battles with VAR since the technology's introduction back in 2019, but how how have their benefited compared to rivals, if at all?

The Magpies haven't had too many controversies involving VAR this season, at least not ones that have gone against them, but that hasn't always been the case. VAR was brought in to reduce controversy, but it only seems to have made the problem worse, dominating headlines week-in, week-out.

With that in mind, we have rounded up all the VAR-aided decisions since 2019 to see where Newcastle and their Premier League rivals would be without the technology. We do that by taking each VAR decision that impacts goals and going with the original decision made on the pitch. Take a look below.

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