Billionaire Alejandro Irarragorri reveals his takeover plans - which Newcastle United fans will love

Mexican billionaire Alejandro Irarragorri has revealed his group’s takeover plans - and Newcastle United fans will love it.

The owner of Orlegi Sports, who already invests in a number of South American sides, has been heavily linked with taking control of the Magpies.

Indeed, reports in The Athletic have claimed that Irarragorri met with Mike Ashley in October to discuss a potential deal for the club.

And now, in an interview with Mexican outlet Cancha, the Mexican has revealed how his group plan to act at clubs after sealing takeovers - with fans and the region as a whole placed above profit.

Alejandro Irarragorri

“Owners or responsible guardians of a football team do not take it as a small thing,” he admitted.

“We do understand that in the forefront and modernity of business today in the industry, we are required to be a very efficient very institution and very professional.

“But we also understand that there are two other factors that are essential

“The vocation and origin of the teams to generate value to the community in which they are. And I mean emotional value, inspiring generations.

“But I also refer to economic value in terms of the economic spill that a team generates for its place or region with all the history.”

Irarragorri and his Orlegi group aren’t the only party believed to be interested in the club, with Peter Kenyon and Joseph DaGrosa’s GACP Sports outlet having eyed a deal earlier this summer.