Eddie Howe drops Newcastle United transfer budget hint

Eddie Howe has addressed Newcastle United’s summer transfer budget – after the club secured its Premier League status.

Thursday, 12th May 2022, 1:54 pm

Howe’s team was 20th in the table after his first game in charge last November, but they pulled away from the relegation zone in the second half of the season.

And Newcastle are safe with two games to spare following Leeds United’s defeat to Chelsea last night.

The club, which was taken over last October, spent more than £80million on five players in January’s transfer window, and it will again invest in the summer, though United’s owners are constrained by the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules.

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Howe has previously spoken about a summer of “evolution” rather than revolution, and, asked if the club would spend less in the summer, he said: “There's an element of truth in that.

“With financial fair play, we have restraints and we have things that we have to work within, so we can't just go out and spend money on players like maybe teams could have done in the past – and totally change their squad within one transfer window.

“That is not an option for us. The more money you spend in one window, the more it impacts your ability to then spend in windows beyond.

“The rules are there to govern the game properly, and we have to follow suit, so that does impact what we can do this summer.

Newcastle head coach Eddie Howe.

“But it doesn't mean that we're totally without ambition. We want to try to bring the right players in, ones that are proud to wear the shirt – and that can make a difference.

“We're well aware that we have to change the squad and we have to make improvements, but it's going to be a difficult balance."

Asked about the expectation in summer quarters for a sizeable summer spend, Howe said: “I’m a believer in that the club will get where it wants to be. The time it takes to get there. I think that’s something no one can predict.

“In terms of a massive spend there are rules in place to stop that. It’s all linked to boundaries we have to work towards. We will do our best to produce a better team.”

Howe, in any case, doesn’t want to change too many players in one window.

"There are so many unknowns, but I’m always a firm believer that you don’t want to make too many changes,” said the club’s head coach.

“Too many incomings can have a negative effect on the group. Those numbers were right for January – and that was what the team needed.

“It wasn’t too many where we lost our feel. The feel was enhanced by the players we brought it. Their attitudes and mentality was very good, and, instantly, you felt the uplift from those players.

“That’s not always the case when you sign new players. The balance can be rocked. I have to be mindful of that this summer. That’s a good line, evolution not revolution. I’ve adopted it, and I continue to use it.”

Newcastle can increase Howe’s transfer budget by bringing in new commercial deals. Howe said: “I’m sure there are plans under way.

"I’m sure there are big ambitions, but I don’t know (about new commercial deals).”