Ex-Crystal Palace boss' Newcastle United dig and Mike Ashley admission

Simon Jordan has boldly stated Mike Ashley is ‘not my mate’ after an explosive rant on Rafa Benitez and Newcastle United on TalkSPORT.

Simon Jordan has made a bold Mike Ashley claim on TalkSPORT.
Simon Jordan has made a bold Mike Ashley claim on TalkSPORT.

The former Crystal Palace chairman has been supportive of Ashley’s much-maligned style of ownership prompting some Toon fans to question whether the pair are friends. And the 51-year-old couldn’t resist a cheeky dig at Newcastle supporters.

“I can never understand is the attitude of Newcastle’s perception of themselves that they are actually a big club,” Jordan said. “I’ve always understood them to be a big club… but a big club in Newcastle, and nowhere else.

“This perception of their entitlement to be winning things or competing in the Premier League above the station that they’re at or what they’ve been given.”

Jordan then turned his attention toward the perception amongst Newcastle supporters that he and Ashley were ‘mates.’


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“Anytime I say something about Newcastle and it seems to be balanced people turn around and say, ‘that’s because you’re Ashley’s mate’.

“He’s not my mate – we’re acquaintances. I knew him 10/15 years ago and I don’t have much to do with Ashley in this day and age.

“But I do have an objective opinion, and I look at what he’s doing and I think Newcastle fans are reasonably entitled to have a little more support at times.

“My view on Benitez is he’s simply done his job and has spun the media up to the point where Rafa Benitez walks on water and is a martyr,” he finished.