Former Newcastle United star SLAMS rule change which could impact Magpies

Andros Townsend has eloquently deconstructed the argument to re-introduce the five substitute rule – a decision which could have a major impact on Newcastle United.

Tuesday, 10th November 2020, 10:20 am
LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 07: Andros Townsend of Crystal Palace looks on during the Premier League match between Crystal Palace and Leeds United at Selhurst Park on November 07, 2020 in London, England.

Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola in particular are calling for an increase to the number of substitutes Premier League clubs are allowed during matches.

The move would see a return to the policy implemented during Project Restart to reduce injuries during a hectic return to football.

However, top-flight teams voted down a motion by 11 votes to nine to keep the rule for the 2020/21 season.

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But that hasn’t stopped calls for the rule’s re-implementation, something former Magpie Townsend opposes.

“I watched that game the other day [Manchester City v Liverpool], obviously Pep and Klopp were speaking at the end of the game," Townsend said to TalkSPORT.

“It’s interesting because you look and Pep made one sub, Klopp made two subs, one was enforced. So you desperately want five subs to protect your players but when it comes to it, you don’t even use the three that you’re given?”

"So, it’s not for me, it unevens the playing field and gives an unfair advantage to the sides with the bigger squads.

"They’re saying they don’t want it when they’re playing each other but when they’re playing the smaller clubs and maybe its harder to break them down, they want to be able to bring on five world-class international forward players to help break down the mid-table sides.

"Not for me, I think it’s fine the way it was, three subs has worked for many many years and I don’t see a reason to change it.”