How Newcastle United’s dazzling future £1.4 billion squad could look - according to Football Manager

The game predicts massive change on Tyneside in the coming seasons.

With their brand new mega-rich owners at the helm, Newcastle United supporters have been understandably excited to see what direction the club’s future will take.

And while we might not have a crystal ball out our disposal, we do have the next best thing - Football Manager.

The popular video game franchise is renowned for its meticulous detail and authentic approach to the world of, well, football management, and we thought we’d take a look five years into the future to see exactly what the lay of the land is on Tyneside.

Fast forward to 2026, and it’s all change at St. James’ Park.

Just one member of the Toon Army’s current side is still in the match day squad, and real life boss Eddie Howe is long, long gone.

Disappointingly, the wait for a Premier League title - or any domestic silverware, for that matter - is still ongoing, but the Magpies delivered a huge success to their (virtual) fanbase with an unexpected Europa League triumph in 2026.

Here’s hoping it’s a sign of things to come in the real world.

Check out Newcastle’s dazzling new squad, according to Football Manager 2022, below...