How Newcastle United's £375m net transfer spend compares with Leeds, Everton and European rivals - photo gallery

This is how Newcastle United’s net spend on transfers over the past five seasons compares across European football.

After another transfer window where Premier League clubs outspent their European rivals, fresh data has revealed the huge spending by football clubs on transfers over the past five seasons.

Unsurprisingly, it’s the Premier League that lead the way with nine of the top ten all being from the division.

But where do Newcastle United rank? And how does their spending over the past five seasons, taking into account pre and post-takeover transfer windows, compare with the biggest clubs in the continent?

Here, using data from CIES Football Observatory, we take a look at the 25 clubs with the highest net spend since 2018/19 and rank them to find out the biggest spenders in that time.

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(note: all figures have been converted from € to £)

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