'I'm still interested in Holly Willoughby!" Newcastle fans react to fresh Amanda Staveley takeover comments

Amanda Staveley
Amanda Staveley

After a year of silence, Amanda Staveley has once again talked up the possibility of buying Newcastle United - but it has left Toon fans sceptical.

Staveley, who tried to buy Newcastle for £300million from Mike Ashley last year, has confirmed her continued interest in buying the club.

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Magpie supporters have reacted on social media to the latest development of the takeover saga...and the jury is out on the financier's motives.

@Cnixon2014: "I talk about Newcastle, I don't have £300 million, If I met Mike Ashley he would think I was a waste of time too! I am currently on the par with Amanda Staveley in relation to buying #nufc"

@rob1892black: "Surely this shouldn't be spoken about till Nov/Dec, just to keep up with tradition."

@Nikijosie: "Get the money together, then say something Amanda."

@ChrisTindle78: "It’s Groundhog Day again, presumably seeking more publicity for herself. Massive difference between being ‘interested’ and agreeing a fee."

@toontoon999: "Attention seeker. If she’s interested she’d bid."

@Toonlad2012: "Trying to get herself back in the public eye again."

@moggy45: "I'm still interested in Holly Willoughby"

@Angel_Batistuta said: "Honestly don't want to hear it, if they was genuine interest on both sides we would have new owners, sick of all sides trying to play us, make a deal or go away, simple as."

Over on Facebook the skepticism was just as strong.

Pauline Hewitt wrote: "Nobody is interested as Ashley will not sell, he's making too much money."

Tony Martin added: "Why don't Staveley and Kenyon join and buy it between them?"

Ken Booth commented: "Here we go again"

George Ruhfirth said: "Seems it's time to buy season tickets again. Wake up everybody."