Ian Cathro outlines his footballing vision after quitting Newcastle to take over at Hearts

Ian Cathro
Ian Cathro

Ian Cathro has set out his footballing vision at Heart of Midlothian after leaving Rafa Benitez's coaching team at Newcastle United.

The 30-year-old became the youngest head coach in the history of the Scottish top flight after taking charge at Tynecastle.

Cathro had been assistant coach at St James's Park.

“This is a step I’ve wanted to take, one I’ve prepared for, and I think the circumstances are perfect," said Cathro.

"I just want to get to work.

“What will the fans get? A team that wants to win. A team that when the first whistle goes, irrespective of the circumstances, the opponent, home, away, rain, sun, no matter what. When the first whistle goes we will expect to win.

“And we will work to find a way in which we believe that we can win.

“We’re going to want to use the ball, we’re going to want to be incredibly energetic, we’ll want to attack and score goals. We want to be aggressive and be as close to the opponent’s goal as we possibly can.

“We’ll make it an exciting place to come. Will it always be perfect? No it won’t.

“But everybody will be at maximum all the time. It could be an enjoyable ride.”