'It was practically a pay-as-you-play deal': Andy Carroll set for new Newcastle United contract

Andy Carroll’s set to net a new deal at Newcastle United.

Monday, 23rd December 2019, 10:30 pm

Carroll, recovering from ankle surgery at the time, signed an initial one-year deal.

And the 30-year-old – who hopes to start against Manchester United at Old Trafford on Boxing Day – is set to trigger a longer-term contract when he makes a certain number of appearances.

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Andy Carroll. (Pic: Martin Swinney)

Steve Bruce, Newcastle’s head coach, said: “I know there are stipulations (in the contract). I think something triggers.

“But, look, we'll be delighted to tie Andy up. It's just a case of staying fit. That’s the big thing, and it's a shame because it (his ankle) has blighted his career. It really has.

“Let's be fair, he was £35million 10 years ago. So that would probably be £135million today.

“So let’s hope he stays well because of his influence. You can see people gravitate towards him, who he is, what he is and he knows what it means to play for this club.”

“It was an easy one,” said Bruce. “We all saw the value in it. It was a no-brainer, practically a pay-as-you-play deal. Delighted for him that he’s gone on the pitch and had an impact, though he made an impact before that.

“As soon as he went in the dressing room, you could see people respond to him. He demands. He is a bit old school. It's good to watch.

“We'll see how he us. Hopefully, another one triggers in. Hopefully, if he stays well, it can only benefit us all. He looks as if he's getting, touch wood, better. I hate to say that, because physically he looks better, he looks stronger.

“He's had an impact that you would want. He's got a couple of assists in there as well. He leads from the front and gives an example of what it is to play for this club. What they demand is what they get with Andy.”