Jason Donovan reveals why he paid a surprise visit to Newcastle United

Jason Donovan has revealed why he paid a surprise visit to St James's Park during a break in his nationwide tour.
St James's Park.St James's Park.
St James's Park.

The actor and singer watched Newcastle United's 3-1 win over Southampton last month.

And Donovan says the visit was for his wife Angela, who follows the club.

Jason Donovan and his wife Angela.Jason Donovan and his wife Angela.
Jason Donovan and his wife Angela.
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"My wife is a massive Newcastle fan – that's why I'm here," Donovan told the club's matchday programme ahead of tonight's home game against Liverpool.

"Anything that my wife likes, I have to have some sense of connection with!

"She spent a lot of her childhood growing up in Newcastle. She's a big football fan – she used to play football herself – but she's always been very keen on Newcastle, and comes up here on her own accord.

"It's great to be here. This is my first time in the ground, and it's awesome, But, to me, this is a building and the people are what make a club – the fans, the team, the spirit."

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"It's a wonderful stadium, but it wouldn't be anything without the people inside."