Most VAR decisions in Premier League history: How Newcastle United rank v Liverpool, Man Utd and rivals

A look at how many VAR-aided decisions Newcastle United and their rivals have seen given in their favour and against them since the technology's introduction.

Newcastle United haven't had too much trouble with VAR so far this season, but how do they compare to their rivals when it comes to the all-time VAR list?

The introduction of VAR in the Premier League back in 2019 has proved to be a pivotal moment, with the technology continuing to dominate headlines and overshadow much of the football. With that in mind, we decided to count up all the VAR decisions since its introduction to put together a table based on net decisions. We calculated that by subtracting the number of decisions that went against teams upon VAR review from the number of decisions that went their way.

Only VAR reviewed incidents were taken into account, and just note that 'neutral' decisions pertain to incidents like mistaken identity or decisions that didn't significantly impact either team. Take a look below to see where Newcastle rank.

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