Mouth of the Tyne podcast! The Newcastle United contract 'one to watch', a Magpies 'write off' culture plus Spurs previewed

This week’s Mouth of the Tyne podcast is OUT! And this week Miles Starforth and Liam Kennedy talk Newcastle United contract calls, Dwight Gayle’s future, Steve Bruce’s positive and negative selection decisions and the visit of Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur.

Thursday, 1st April 2021, 4:45 pm
Liam Kennedy and Miles Starforth talk over everything NUFC in this week's Mouth of the Tyne Podcast.

Here’s some highlights from this week’s edition:

Liam Kennedy on Dwight Gayle’s new NUFC deal

"I think Gayle is a 'tick all boxes' kind of signing. It almost covers all bases. If Newcastle United go down, he's the type of player you would want to sign and you'd probably have to pay a reasonable amount of money to bring that player in. If you stay up, you're protecting an asset. If you want to keep him as a reserve forward effectively then that's fine but you can also maybe sell him on for a little bit of money."

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Miles Starforth on his contract renewal ‘one to watch’

"Fernandez is the one to watch. It's a no-brainer signing up Schar for - whether you see him being a Championship or Premier League defender next season – again, you protect the asset by activating his option. Fernandez is the interesting one because he's the one we'd all like to see stay but if you're Fernandez, you're going to wait a little bit and bide your time. You don't know what division this club is going to be in, come the end of the season."

You can catch this week’s Mouth of the Tyne by clicking this link. The episode is also available at Acast, Google and Apple Podcasts and Spotify.