Newcastle United midfielder Isaac Hayden has house 'robbed' during 10-minute trip for groceries

Footballing star Isaac Hayden has hit out at the people who “robbed” his house while he was shopping with his wife.

The Newcastle United midfielder took to Twitter on Saturday, March 14 to confirm an incident at his home, which he says took place while he was out for 10 minutes buying food.

He condemned the break-in – and added that the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, which has so far claimed 21 lives in the UK, has got some people “messed up”.

In a Tweet, Hayden said: “Only went to the shops for 10 mins to get some food with Mrs H ... some people are messed up with everything going on with coronavirus etc, people still are committing robberies of people’s houses.

“[Fingers crossed] they get caught.”

The player confirmed the incident shortly before 9pm on Saturday.

His message has since been reposted more than 400 times, and he has received dozens of supportive replies from fans.

Isaac Hayden confirmed the incident on Twitter on Saturday, March 14. Picture: PA.