Premier League (Photo by Harriet Lander/Getty Images)Premier League (Photo by Harriet Lander/Getty Images)
Premier League (Photo by Harriet Lander/Getty Images)

Newcastle United transfer rumours: Magpies handed boost in race for striker, Ligue 1 talent eyed

Newcastle United are back in action tomorrow afternoon, when they take on Cambridge United in the FA Cup third round.

The Magpies haven't played a game since their 1-1 draw with Manchester United on the 27th of December, and some key players could be given an additional rest against the third tier side.

Meanwhile, Newcastle midfielder Isaac Hayden has candidly discussed his future at the club in light of their recent big-money takeover, and said: “Players have contracts and if you've got a contract and you've got three years left, it's not like Football Manager where you can just release a player, you can't do that.

“That player on a three year deal might have a wife and kids up here for example, the kids are up here at school loving it then all of a sudden the club doesn't want them.

“It's not a case of just saying 'we don't want you anymore, bye'. They've got three years left or two years left, whatever it may be. Sometimes fans don't see it from a personal point of view, they just see it from a business or football point of view.

“It's not going to be easy for players to leave like that, the club is either going to have to pay them to leave. The manager isn't going to want players in his squad that he can't use because he's only allowed a 25 man squad.”

He added: “From my perspective, I can't affect what the club is going to do. If the club wants to sell me, that's their decision, all that I can do is control what I can control in terms of training, eating and performing as best as I can.

“If after all those things, if the club still wants to sell me then I'll hold my hands up and go 'no problem' because I've controlled what I can control which is all I can do.”

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