Newcastle United's latest furlough band revealed for non-playing staff

The latest furlough figures have been revealed by the Government.

St James's Park.
St James's Park.

The Government launched its Job Rentention Scheme last year to help businesses through the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking at the time, former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan said: “I believe there is a moral issue around an industry like football that has been awash with money. I think there is a situation here where football has to look at itself and say ‘do I really, just because the government is offering its teat, have to nuzzle on that?’.

“’Do I really have to take that money, that £2,500 per employee or 80% of it, to support myself?’. I don’t think they should do it.

“I think it’s an awful look for football, and I think it’s awful Premier League footballers are being paid £250,000 to £500,000-a-week, and the government’s having to support Premier League clubs.”

Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur reversed their decisions to furlough non-playing staff following criticism, but Newcastle United continued to use the scheme. Staff were reportedly told that the decision to use the scheme was taken to safeguard the club’s future.

The latest Government figures have revealed that the club claimed between £100,001 and £250,000 for furloughed in March. Newcastle, yet to publish their financial results for the year ending June 2020, have made no public comment on the decision to use the Job Retention Scheme.

The furlough scheme runs until September.