'No way Premier League can block this now' – Newcastle United fans react to Saudi piracy update

The Saudi government have pledged to block illegal streaming in the kingdom – and the update has sent Newcastle United fans into a frenzy.

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property has vowed to ‘block websites in violation of intellectual property’ as they look to crack down on piracy, meaning the £300m Newcastle United takeover could move a big step closer.

Here’s what you think about the news...

@KDNH1995 – “Saudi’s are cracking down on piracy. Our takeover is DEFINITELY HAPPENING #CANS”

Could St James's Park be set for a change of ownership?


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@NUFCinsight – “Big anti-piracy statement from KSA. Taking on board WTO report and potential pushes from others maybe? Only time will tell with the latter but a positive step in removing potential #NUFCTakeover problems.”

@simplyMaximin – “I've not lost hope yet or Wor Mandy parachuting into SJP at half time to announce the #nufctakeover today yet.”

@WilfredAchom – “I told you one, I told you twice, this Saudi led takeover is a done deal, only ironing out few bits & pieces to ease out piracy accusation, by the way, there is piracy in every country. Not condoning it, but #NUFC shouldn't be a scapegoat. Rejoice! D day soon.”

@ToonMouthTyne – “These are HUGE developments this morning. Hard to describe how massive this is for the #NUFCTakeover. There's no way the @premierleague can/will block this takeover now. Surely it will confirmed within the next couple of days?”


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@David_Taylor33 – “Almost there now! The news the Saudis are blocking 231 websites that violate intellectual property rights surely heralds PL acceptance of the #NUFC takeover. I can't wait to see those #SportsDirect signs coming down.”