Revealed: Newcastle United feature on list of most foul-mouthed fans on social media

Revealed: Newcastle United feature in list of most foul-mouthed fans on social media

Bookmakers Paddy Power have been scrolling through tens of thousands of posts on social media to reveal which clubs have the highest profanity rate of all Premier League football fans.

More than 50,000 posts were researched and analysed on Twitter, conducted over a two-week period to July 7th, using club-specific hashtags to determine which fanbase used the most colourful language.

A spokesman at Paddy Power said: “Now the Premier League is back, it’s been a good opportunity to take a seat on our socially-distanced sofas and become the ultimate armchair fan. And by doing that, it seems it’s been a sweary time for football fans, too.

“Top of the profanity Pops is relegation-threatened Watford, and it’s hardly a surprise that Jose Mourinho is causing Spurs fans to dish out expletives – we can only imagine what their blood pressure scores must look like.”

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