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Premier League prize money: The staggering payouts Newcastle, Leeds, West Ham and Co could earn - gallery

Premier League 2022-23 prize money: The staggering payouts Newcastle United, Leeds and West Ham could earn

Premier League clubs can earn in excess of £100m per season in payouts once all prize money, television payouts and advertising is included.

Looking purely at the current Premier League table and the prize money handed out per position, we’ve assessed how much clubs are set to earn should they maintain their current place in the league.

Newcastle United currently sit third in the table and although they face a very difficult challenge to maintain that position over a 38 game season, they are likely for a significantly higher payout than the £22million they received for finishing 11th last season.

Using prize money data from last season, here is the Premier League table as it stands during the World Cup break and how much clubs who finish in each position will receive at the end of the season...

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